Big Baldy Trail


Saturday May 20th, 2017. My friend and I drove up from Selma, CA to Sequoia National Park to hike the well known Big Baldy trail. I have to admit, it is one confusing but well worth trail to add to your trail portfolio (if that sort of thing exists). The views are similar to those of Clouds Rest in Yosemite with a spectacular view of the Sierra Nevada. There was even snow on a few parts of the trail. It was a very difficult trail to follow because there was no defined trail. Although the AllTrails App says it is a moderate a hike, I would consider it difficult for first-time hikers. With that, I hope this blog provides a bit of guidance to those considering doing this trail. Hope you enjoy!

  • 5.5 miles round trip (more if you get lost)
  • April/May encountered a bit of snow ( it was kinda fun)
  • The Trail can be accessed via Kings Canyon National Park entrance (we entered from Sequoia)
  • Follow the red dots

Getting there: 

We drove through the Sequoia National Park entrance and stayed on Highway 198 for about 1.5 hours until passing the border of Kings Canyon/Sequoia. On that note, I would suggest accessing the trail head through Kings Canyon entrance. The road was long but very beautiful and I got radio signal for most of the way there. When you pass the sign for Montecito Lodge, you are about 10 -15 minutes away from the trail head. There is no trail parking, so arrive early to park closest to the trail head off the side of the road. We arrived at the trail head around 11:00 after leaving Selma, CA at 7:00 AM. Granted we did stop to eat for 20 minutes prior to enter the park. Once we parked, we made our way through the defined trail, however, we were soon lost. The key to this trail is that there is no defined dirt trail so follow red dots on the trees. I repeat, follow the RED DOTS! Ok, so now that I got that cleared up, be prepared to get creative in your wood venturing skills. You will be going through bushes, over logs and through snow. It’s fun though, I swear! This trail was different because of its undefined trail but it was an awesome adventure nonetheless.


  1. Bug screen (anytime you go to Sequoia!)
  2. Proper shoes for hiking in the snow
  3. Snacks / Food
  4. Patience!

Music by: J. Cole -Intro  Album: 2014 Forest Hills Drive


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