Grand Canyon/Route 66 Road Trip

Overview: Friday November 24, 2017, my friend Maria and I left for a fairly short road trip for our first visit to the Grand Canyon. We set-out not really sure what to expect but got back ten-fold in what turned out to be a delightfully spooky adventure. We took off from Reedley, CA and arrived the same day to the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ via Route 66. The next day we explored the Grand Canyon and made our drive back home. Below is a brief timeline of our road trip to the Grand Canyon.


8AM Hit the Road!

3PM (Time Change) Coffee break in Kingman, AZ. (Note, this lending library in Kingman was ridiculously kick-ass!). There is also a Crossfit in this town.

After our coffee break in Kingman, AZ we took Route 66 and stopped at the “Cruz n 66” Gas stop in Truxton, AZ where we found a big Route 66 sign (Mile Marker 100). On the road, we also saw lots of abandoned buildings, hitchhikers,  and one happy runner.

7PM We arrived in Flagstaff, AZ. Flagstaff is now one of our favorite towns because of its history, architecture and vibe. The nightlife was an A+. Only downside is the parking downtown but definitely a town worth visiting. We had a delicious (like for real delicious) dinner at Red Curry Vegan Kitchen.  Note: Small place, some waiting time but so worth it!

9PM Evening in Flagstaff, AZ. We fell in love with this town! Just can’t say that enough. We had some drinks and enjoyed a Live (free) show from The Dub and Down with the Blues Band at our hotel.

The Band
Jerry from Oakland, CA is one of the Vocalists for the band.

A night stay in the Haunted Hotel Monte Vista. This hotel is a historical landmark in Arizona and is said to be haunted. We took a tour of our haunted hotel and discovered that just a few doors down from us was a few of the haunted rooms. Casper didn’t come out though. 🙁

Haunted Hotel Monte Vista
Hallway WS
Eerie feeling on the 2nd floor


THE NEXT DAY: Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Arrive at 10:30AM

My first impressions….WOW THATS BIG! 

11AM-2PM Bright Angel Trail (3 miles round trip) down to the valley below. Lots of people on this trail but we did see a mountain goat!

Trail Sign WS
Bright Angel Trail

DRIVE BACK Finally, it was time to leave back to Reedley, CA. It was a short mini road trip that anyone can take even on a budget.

Trip Costs

  • Gas: $130
  • Food: $38.40 (some food prepared before hand)
  • Hotel: $94.31
  • Miscellaneous: $10
  • Entertainment: $20 (Mixed drink and $5 tips for band)
  • $292.71 divided by two people $146.35

Total: $146.35

CONCLUSIONS We greatly enjoyed our mini-road trip. My favorite part was spending the evening in Flagstaff. If we could do it again, we would have stayed another day at the Grand Canyon to explore but we missed our cats so back to Central California we went. Most of it was driving (road trip duh!) but what made it enjoyable was our life talks on the road and reinforcing our beliefs in our values and in ourselves. So find a road trip buddy and go on a new adventure!

Until the next trip

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